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Let's bring music back to the classroom

For generations, music has been an important part of the school day for students in America. Nearly every classroom in the nation’s elementary schools at one time had a piano, and most teachers were able to play simple songs so that students could sing along to their favorites.

Today, the trend toward cutting funds for music programs is an alarming one. In tough economic times, music is often the first to go. Yet the research about music— having an instrument, taking lessons—provides incredible learning advantages.

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Musical-instrument lessons help develop organizational and self-discipline skills. Members of bands, ensembles, and orchestras learn about teamwork and collaboration. And the child who is skilled at a musical instrument tends to excel at problem-solving, pattern-recognition, fine- tuned auditory skills, and memorization—not to mention the self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with musical performance.

For all these reasons, exposure of all PSUSD students to music lessons, either private or group, is a District and Foundation priority.  DONATE NOW  to reserve your seat!


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