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It's Share the Love Season,

that special time of year filled with wishes and wonder, dreams and hopes. Our hope is that you'll help us make them come true for 20,000 students. 

The needs of students, the future of our Valley, far exceed the bounds of tax dollars today. Their futures and very real hopes are in our hands. And their futures need inventive classroom teaching tools and methods for college preparation, so curious young minds can achieve their potential.

It may surprise you to learn:  

• 97% of our students are socioeconomically disadvantaged, at or below the poverty line, and qualify for free breakfast and lunch
• 10% of students are homeless
• 30% are English language learners

Support a teacher with bright ideas or 
a high school student with a bright future.

Bright Ideas for Teachers
Classroom Grants

We fund bright ideas at the source, in the classroom, by awarding classroom microgrants of $500 - $2500 to educators. This year, applications for literacy have skyrocketed. The pandemic has smacked American students back to the last century in reading achievement. In national assessments, one third of 4th and 8th grade students can’t read at even the “basic” achievement level—the lowest level on the test.

Grants cover innovative literacy programs and progressive tools to help students catch up. They can't realize their potential if they can't read about the possibilities.

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Bright Futures for Students
SMART for College Bound

Student Mentor and Resource Training (SMART) is an intergenerational program that pairs one high school junior/senior with a community mentor to help navigate the college journey. Many students are first generation applicants or are part of families where English is not the primary language. SMART guides students in realizing the college dream for a thriving tomorrow.

The program funds college materials like textbooks, an iPad, and other essentials. SMART graduates are thriving at universities including Berkeley, UCLA, and Northwestern.

Bright Futures.png

Classroom grants for literacy and support for high school students who aspire to college create pathways for students to achieve their potential, flourish and prosper...and make dreams come true.

We are infinitely grateful for your generosity so far, yet, as 2023 closes out, we ask you one more time to join us. There are just a few weeks left in the year to make a tax-wise gift in support of The Foundation; 100% of your contribution goes straight to those who need it most. We thank you in advance for sharing the love with our student community.

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