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Families in our school district are hurting. With gift cards from local

retailers they get needed relief.  Please help us reach our distribution goal

this holiday season!

The year 2020 has been one of the most troubling in recent memory.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into a social and economic crisis that has particularly affected the most vulnerable and challenged among us. Low-income families in our region, because of job losses, are having difficulty with household expenses.  And our students can’t learn if households are struggling with basics.


The Palm Springs Unified School District has been home to a rich and diverse community of families for decades, many of whom are low-income. Poverty is a challenge for many of our families in the best of times. Imagine the stress these families are enduring these past few months to make ends meet, as jobs have been eliminated and many workers furloughed.  Economic stability is a fragile thing for many.


Our district and its Foundation have been working tirelessly to help alleviate the disparities that have resulted in the pandemic. Many of our students have limited supplies of food and school materials at home. Since school has switched to online “distance” learning to comply with health advisories, we want that learning environment to be stable.  So the Foundation has stepped in this holiday season to provide gift cards from local retailers so that families can purchase household cleaning and sanitation equipment, groceries, even small items of clothing.


We can’t tell you how much we would appreciate your support of the Foundation in this year-end outreach.


With your generous donations, we can help district families make ends meet, if in a small way. Your donation will help our Gift Cards for Families initiative allocate money to as many families as possible, so that they can purchase needed supplies that we can’t provide using state or federal monies. 

Each year, with the help of community partners like you, we are able to fill gaps in our students’ educational resources.  This year, the need is particularly personal, and urgent.


Please consider being a beacon of light to our students and their families this year.  

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