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Strategic Initiative 

The establishment of The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District represents a strategic initiative on the part of the district to fund additional teaching efforts, ensure high-quality education, and support funding of curriculum-enhancing activities in the areas of health and wellness, science, math, technology, and the arts.


The Foundation’s original mandate of distributing classroom micro-grants to teachers -- still a key component of its work -- has been expanded to include donor-naming opportunities; commercial and business underwriting of specialized curriculum academies; formal appeals to venture philanthropists; major donors; aggressive grant-seeking; and the formulation of local and national sponsorship opportunities.


Importantly, The Foundation is more than a grant-making organization.  It aims to improve lives and strengthen our community through furthering public education.  The Foundation believes every student in the Palm Springs Unified School District deserves the opportunity to be prepared and to succeed in either postsecondary education or in a career after high school.  Our task is bridging gaps, and providing the resources to improve student academic preparedness across the education continuum.  Our values: integrity, collaboration, innovation, impact, learning, inclusion, and fun.

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