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​Having a safe haven school environment to stretch imaginations, to explore rapidly expanding technology like AI, to feel prepared to go to college or have a legitimate career after graduation, these things are not covered by tax monies.  To instill critical, creative thinking and give our next generation real skills for the future, we need you, we need private funding. As a strategic initiative of the Palm Springs Unified School District, The Foundation funds initiatives in the areas of health and wellness, the arts, science and math, and technology. The Foundation also raises funds for student emergencies and necessities, like athletic shoes, so they can participate in classroom and after school activities. 


The Foundation aims to improve lives for a strong, vibrant, thriving community. Every student in the Palm Springs Unified School District deserves the opportunity to be prepared and to succeed in college or in a career after high school.  Our task is providing access to resources and bridging gaps that improve student achievement and set them up for future success, for the health of our collective future. 

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