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When you donate to The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District by easy, regular payroll deduction – in any amount – you’re ensuring a high-achieving future for PSUSD students.  

The Foundation supports programs, initiatives, and opportunities that regular school budgets don’t, or can’t, cover.  Like you, we believe that every student in the Palm Springs Unified School District deserves the opportunity to be prepared and to succeed in either postsecondary education or in a career after high school.  And the resources The Foundation provides helps make that possible.  

By payroll deduction, you’re a crucial participant in that mission!


Payroll deduction is a simple way for employees to donate to this worthiest of charitable causes.  You’re taking advantage of a tax deduction without needing a physical receipt, and the money comes out hassle-free of your pre-tax income.  Even if you earmark a small amount from each paycheck, throughout the year you’re making a significant contribution – for which we thank you!


Setting up payroll deduction is quick, easy, electronic, safe, and secure, using the streamlined form provided here.  And please know that 100% of your contribution to the Foundation via payroll deduction goes straight to the classroom!

NON-PSUSD Employees

If you or your business would like to be part of our Foundation Partners Employee Giving campaign please complete our donation form and choose pledge Click Here

Complete your pledge form today!

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