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The need for shoes — ones that fit, that can carry a child to school and home — is basic, desperate and most of all, immediate.

One tangible way we can help the next generation in our community rise up and reach their potential is by starting at the very bottom… with quality shoes that support students from the bottom up. It may seem surprising that something as simple as a new pair of shoes can have such a profound effect, but research indicates that new shoes foster self-confidence and dignity, and lead to improved academic outcomes and in-class behaviors. Please help us help our student community chase their dreams and reach their potential.

District Shoe Size Needs & Average Shoe Retail Price

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30% of Shoe Sizes 2-5

65% of Shoe Sizes 6-9

65% of Shoe Sizes 10-12



2021-2022 Shoe Distribution

2021-2022 Shoe Distribution

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