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The Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute (JASI) is a philanthropic initiative originated by famed NFL agent and seasonal Rancho Mirage resident Jerry Argovitz and his wife.

The Institute represents a comprehensive leadership and mentoring program that engages high school athletes around the importance of academic excellence as a key pillar of sports achievement.  The Institute also stresses the need to make intelligent, healthy, and productive life decisions that will support student-athletes’ success both in college and career. 

Mr. Argovitz has built a celebrated career on working closely with professional athletes and helping them to build both work and personal lives around the demanding imperatives of professional sports.  With JASI, he is putting his priceless wisdom and insights to work for PSUSD athletes through a wide-ranging, custom-developed curriculum intended to build character, teach integrity and good judgment, instill high ethics, communicate moral values, establish personal standards, and help PSUSD’s scholar-athletes navigate the hurdles that the teenage years inevitably present. 

Helping Dr. Argovitz himself in this work is a world-class series of guest speakers drawn from his decades of work at the highest levels of professional sports and sports management – providing a previously unheard-of level of real-life example, role-modeling, and motivation for our students.

Piloted at Rancho Mirage High School, JASI will expand to Desert Hot Springs High School in the coming school year.  The program, which has focused specifically on the football team at RMHS up to now, will expand to include all athletes at DHSHS and one female team at RMHS. The program continues to be a successful pilot, as we review, analyze, and fine-tune the program for the greatest impact.

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